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Hey beautiful Bride, planning a wedding is a lot of work, we all know that! Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the day a few things can be forgotten! However, it’s absolutely ok! Here are 5 things that a lot of brides may forget on their wedding day! Of course, It’s never intentional, sometimes it just happens. I hope this can help be a reminder when you are working on all those final last minute touches.


1. Bouquets need to be delivered to YOU, not the church/venue.

This is SO easy to forget and it’s absolutely ok if it happens! However, if you can remember to have your bouquets delivered to where you are getting ready, you’ll be able to have detail shots with your florals! I LOVE shooting the rings on flowers or by the dress, or even just in the background. I means, come on girlfriend, you spent a LOT of money on your florals and you deserve to have as many photos of them as possible! Even if you’re not sharing a first look, we still like your bouquets for bridesmaids portraits! Same for the fellas with the bouts! That’s also the perfect opportunity for a photo op with your groom and his mama!

2. Don’t give the wedding bands to the best man! You’ll need ALL three for detail pictures.

I know, every planning book says to give the best man the rings to hold onto before the ceremony but that actually isn’t ideal for your pictures! I promise they will be safe and I promise we will get them to the right person before the start of the ceremony. But just think about all those perfect pinterest detail photos you have been dreaming of for your own wedding! I got you!

3. Try sitting down in your dress before the wedding so that you’re aware of how hard that may be if your dress is tight!

This sounds dumb but it’s actually a real thing! I’ve had at least a dozen brides not be able to sit for dinner because of how tight their dress was! It was hard to breathe when they sat down! So try your dress on beforehand and try sitting to make sure it’s possible! This is especially important if you’re having a sit down dinner!

4. Consider your location for pictures and the shoes you will be wearing. Get heel stoppers!

Everyone LOVES those portraits in the field or under those gorgeous trees or even in gardens surrounded by a million flowers. However, some brides forget that their heels may sink in the ground. So, I recommend having a spare pair of flats or some heel stoppers to save the day! Or… make sure to always have flat that you can slip on! Most of the time, we can’t see your shoes in photos so having some comfy flats on is totally okay! This is a pro tip for Bridesmaids too.

5. Don’t forget to breathe!

Brides, if you don’t remember any of these tips…. remember this one! NO wedding day is absolutely perfect! There is always SOMETHING or sometimes multiple somethings that happen on a wedding day. But the MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do is to just breathe and know that I got you! Your bridesmaids got you, your planner’s got you! We all have been carefully and thoughtfully chosen to stand by your side on your special day! Trust that IF something should happen, we will handle it the best way we can and we will all work together to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams!

ENJOY your day and stop every now and then to take in what’s happening! You’ll remember so much more of it if you slow down, stop, and enjoy specific moments throughout the celebration!! It’s going to be one of the most important and special days of your life and it goes by so fast. Enjoy every second!

January 8, 2024

5 Things Most Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day

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