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Nikki and Ben’s Cedar Lake Lighthouse wedding was a dream come true. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the beautiful lake shore line, this unique celebration combined rustic charm with a touch of nautical elegance. From the moment guests arrived, they were welcomed by the elegance of the lighthouse, casting a romantic spell over the entire event.

As the gentle breeze tugged at their hair, Nikki and Ben exchanged vows under a picturesque gazebo, overlooking the expanse of the beautiful lake. The intimacy of the gathering allowed their love to shine through, and every word spoken echoed with heartfelt sincerity.

There was SO MUCH JOY exuding from Nikki, I don’t think there was one time I looked at her and she wasn’t smiling the BIGGET smile! It was the perfect beautiful day!

January 9, 2024

Lighthouse Restaurant | Nikki and Ben’s Guiding Love Wedding

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