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It’s hard to describe just how much we loved this day. It was authentic and genuine and full of the best kind of emotion! John was in tears as his Bride walked down the aisle and it melted everyone’s heart. John was in tears because of what it meant for his bride to be walking down the aisle to him. She was coming to commit her life to him… for better or for worse… whatever happens… her love isn’t going to change. After being married almost 2 years and walking through some pretty hard seasons of life in just this short amount of time with Tyler, it makes me realize just how powerful those vows are.

Every couple will have valleys in their marriage where they have to cling to one another and remember the promises that they made. It’s not always perfect and pretty, but it is beautiful. John watched Bianca walk down the aisle knowing that he would never face life alone without his companion and best friend. It makes sense why the tears flowed freely!

John and Bianca were married in Whiting, IN and it was an amazing day! Between the beautiful blue water of Lake Michigan, the lilac bushes in the garden or the glowy sunset that sneaked away.. It was a dream!

Not only did I love the sweet tears and the amazing portraits, I also loved seeing their friends and families completely enjoy the day with also shed tears and joyful hearts filled with laughter! We laughed, cried (well, I cried) and celebrated right alongside of them Saturday evening, and the joy was palpable!!

I can’t wait to share these images and allow you to get to know this incredible AG Couple! I have dozens and dozens of favorites!!! Enjoy!

March 24, 2022

John & Bianca

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