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In the heart of the vibrant cityscape, Jayson and Kaitlyn embarked on a playful engagement session in the iconic Lincoln Park of Chicago. Surrounded by the urban charm, blooming gardens, and iconic landmarks, Jayson & Kaitlyn shared laughter, stolen glances, and tender moments. It was such a fun session that celebrated the joy of their love against the backdrop of the Windy City.

I was literally obsessed with how playful these two were! They had Tyler and I smiling ear to ear like the WHOLE time!!

After Lincoln Park we made our way over to North Ave Beach. The tranquil waters of Lake Michigan provided a serene backdrop for more intimate and romantic moments, capturing these two in quiet embraces and stolen glances against the scenic expanse of the lake was one of my favorite parts of their session!

Ahhh.. it never gets old photographing LOVE!!!

January 9, 2024

Playful Romance: Jayson and Kaitlyn’s Lincoln Park Chicago Engagement

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